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Providing the highest quality architectural and engineering services since 1945

Jack R. Kinkel
Jack H. Kinkel & Jack T. Kinkel

Our History:


Jack R. Kinkel and Son Architects was founded on September 3, 1945. Throughout the past half-century, the firm has successfully designed more than 550 projects of various building types and budgets.  The firm has gained a strong reputation for quality and cost control while delivering award-winning buildings. Kinkel and Son maintains a professional relationship with local contractors which promotes the smooth flow of construction while helping to eliminate cost overruns.

The firm is committed to a wholly integrated design approach.  All architectural, structural, plumbing, mechanical and electrical design is performed simultaneously.  This approach forces constant communication and meshes the architecture with the engineering, thus eliminating costly errors.  The “total package” approach allows the associates of Kinkel and Son to coordinate all aspects of concept development, design and construction documents, shop drawing review and construction observation to ensure the client receives full value for their investment.

Staff size at the firm has traditionally remained small in order to guarantee quality control and personal contact.  The primary individuals in the firm are continually investigating developing technologies in order to provide the most effective and economical solutions for various design approaches. Experts in various technical fields are often employed by Kinkel and Son to complement their design expertise, yet Kinkel and Son maintains control over the project to give a single source of responsibility.

Jack R. Kinkel and Son Architects specializes in listening and creative problem solving.  As the client provides thoughts, ideas and programmatic concepts, Kinkel and Son will develop client’s desires and create an environment in which the various given activities can thrive and prosper as well as function efficiently. From the initial interview to project completion and years beyond, the associates of the firm are devoted to the client’s desires.


The reputation of our firm is strong because of our diligence to act in the interest of our clients, our commitment to delivering functional designs, and because of our zealous approach to problem solving.  Our firm also enjoys the distinction of controlling cost overruns to less than one percent of awarded construction contracts and developing accurate project construction budgets during the conceptual design phase.